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Hello, me again I’ve been struggling to no end to make sense of the “clear” property and I really don’t understand a) its purpose and b) how to implement it properly. Answer: The clear property specifies which sides of an element where other floating elements are not allowed. Basically it tells the browser – we [...]

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How do I rebrand HTML on a page?

Hi. What I’d like to do is rebrand certain parts on a web page based on user input. For example, I’ll have a form that says “enter your user ID”, and based on what they enter certain parts on the page will be rebranded with their user ID. Here is an example of what I [...]

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How do font-replacement techniques such as Cufon or @font-face work?

@font-face and Cufon text replacement are two great ways to bring typography to the web, however there are some things to keep in mind when using these techniques.

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