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Is it time to quit testing for Internet Explorer 6? Please say yes.

Ok, sit down for this one, I know it’s going to be hard to hear. Ready for it?

The answer is…**opens up the white envelope, fumbles, nervous laugh as she opens the winners card** … “maybe”.

I know I know – anti-climatic at best, evil at the worst, but true all the same.

Cater to Your Users

So, if the answer is “maybe”, when do you know when you should and when you shouldn’t? The answer is simple. Check your web analytics, if over 15% of your web traffic is using Internet Explorer 6 then you’re still catering to IE6 because you WANT to cater to your audience.

What if I don’t know?

If you don’t know what your user base is using as a browser I would still say to test for core functionality and usability and don’t sweat the minor design details such as rounded corners etc. As long as the user can use the website properly they’ll be none the wiser that they’re missing some small design detail. As a funny man once said, “Don’t worry about cross-browser testing for IE6 too much because the rest of the internet probably looks like shit for them too.”

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