How do I rebrand HTML on a page?

Hi. What I’d like to do is rebrand certain parts on a web page based on user input. For example, I’ll have a form that says “enter your user ID”, and based on what they enter certain parts on the page will be rebranded with their user ID.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Half way down the page this person has a form that says “brand tools”. And once you enter your affiliate link, all “tools” get branded with your affiliate link.

I’d like to do something similar.



This particular feature is what you would call a “quick link generator” and it’s linked up to an affiliate marketing contact management software. The particular software is called Infusionsoft. Basically this software creates a database of all the inputs and if someone ever comes in on that URL they’ll assign the sale to the right affiliate. I know all of this because when you look at the base of the “affiliate url”:

You’ll notice Infusionsoft is actually in the URL string.

Hope this helps!

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