What is Design Made Better?

The primary focus of Design Made Better is to teach designers how to design for the web.

This training will be done through a step by step process that will be enhanced by in-person seminars, online classes, free articles and worksheets.

Design Made Better is currently working on developing an online program, in the meantime you’re welcome to contact Design Made Better to arrange for personal small group classes. These individual or small group classes offer a 12 week in-person web design and development educational series that will cover the web design and development process from start to finish.

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Not just another tutorial website, we promise.

Section 1: Designing for the Web

Teaches designing for the web in a way so that you can quit fearing it and just add it to your resume already, such as:

Section 2: From Design to Front End

Takes you a step further and teaches you how to turn a design from just a pretty picture to a fully created front end layout, such as:

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for classes and we'll get you up to speed!

What's Next for Design Made Better?

Design Made Better is looking to constantly improve the way designers learn how to design and develop for the web. If you have a comment or suggestion we'd love to hear it, feel free to use our feedback forum to leave your ideas on how to improve Design Made Better.

For updates on when Design Made Better launches new classes and other learning tools, please sign up for updates using the form to the right.